Galleria Fumagalli

The Fumagalli Gallery, founded in Bergamo in 1971, opens its headquarters in Milan in May 2016 under the guidance of the gallery owner, curator and art critic Annamaria Maggi, o and kicks off a new artistic season, with the aim of registering among the points of reference and meeting in the city dedicated to contemporary art. Since 1991 the gallery has been directed by Stefano Fumagalli and Annamaria Maggi who have chosen to follow a historical program on informal art, on poor art and on the abstract, without neglecting a look also to younger art and representing some great artists of the twentieth century. From 2007 onwards the direction is entrusted to Annamaria Maggi. Today, the opening of the Milanese spaces in via Bonaventura lays the foundations for a new season, strengthening the strong bond with the artists who have collaborated in the past with the Fumagalli Gallery and continuing the investigation of other cultural contexts, with particular attention to the Abstractionism, Body Art, Minimalism and Conceptual Art, up to a specific research and support work aimed at young talents.

16 July 2017
Pinacoteca Agnelli