“Aldo Mondino: Moderno, Post-Moderno, Contemporaneo”

Villa Croce, Genova

Eleven years after the death of Aldo Mondino (Turin, 1938-2005), the Museum of Villa Croce, in collaboration with the Aldo Mondino Archive and Palazzo della Meridiana, proposed: Aldo Mondino. Modern, Postmodern, Contemporary. The exhibition, curated by Ilaria Bonacossa, has developed in several locations: in addition to Villa Croce and Palazzo della Meridiana, it has involved six other places in the city. The exhibition, structured as a sort of treasure hunt, took the visitor from the neoclassical rooms of Villa Croce to the medieval Casa di Colombo, amazing with the superb monumentality of Palazzo Ducale, to then enter the dance halls of the famous Street Palaces New, on the terraces of Palazzo Reale or underwater in the halls of the Aquarium, guiding it to the marvelous liberty atrium of Palazzo della Meridiana. This great anthology wanted to show the qualities of the multifaceted production of the Piedmontese artist to allow the international art world to understand its importance.

6 January 2017
Armin Linke “L’apparenza di ciò che non si vede”
11 January 2017
“Sursum corda” di Maria Elisabetta Novello