Galleria Fumagalli | Giulio Paolini | Teoria delle apparenze

Galleria Fumagalli, Milano

curated by Annamaria Maggi and Angela Madesani

OPENING TO THE PUBLIC from 16 January to 14 April 2018

Galleria Fumagalli presents the exhibition “Giulio Paolini. Theory of Appearances “, a selection of works created between 1969 and 2015.

Embracing the entire production range of the artist, enrolled in a research area of a conceptual matrix, the exhibition aims to return an overall vision of the work of Giulio Paolini: from the perspective canvases of the 70s, to the theatrical dimension and literary of the 80s up to the most recent studies on the identity of the author and his spectator status.

12 December 2017
28 January 2018
Fondazione Palazzo Mazzetti | Alighiero Boetti. PERFILOEPERSEGNO