MAN di Nuoro | Pierre Puvis de Chavannes | Maliheh Afnan | Il segno e l’idea

MAN Museo d'Arte della Provincia di Nuoro

“Allori senza fronde” by Pierre Puvis de Chavannes curated by Luigi Fassi and Alberto Salvadori
“Personnages” by Maliheh Afnan curated by Luigi Fassi
“The sign and the idea” from the permanent MAN collection curated by Luigi Fassi and Emanuela Manca

From Friday 15 March to Sunday 9 June 2019

MAN – Art Museum of the Province of Nuoro opens 2019 with two new specially designed exhibition projects: the unpublished retrospective entitled “Allori senza fronde”, a precious tribute to the French artist Pierre Puvis de Chavannes, curated by Luigi Fassi and the historian and art critic Alberto Salvadori, and “Personnages” the first exhibition in a European museum by the French – Palestinian artist Maliheh Afnan, curated by Luigi Fassi, artistic director of the institution.
On this occasion, MAN presents “The sign and the idea”, an exhibition of works from the permanent collection, curated by Fassi himself and Emanuela Manca, museum art historian.

The entire exhibition project is part of a specific research path that MAN has currently undertaken and which places the Mediterranean at the center of its attention, a decisive place of European identity and in whose basin a variety of cultures and traditions have arisen and they are fused together.

The intention of the museum is to accompany visitors on a journey of knowledge where the continuity that binds the different artistic experiences that have followed one another over the centuries that have written the history of modern and contemporary art emerges strongly.


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