Gagosian | Huma Bhaha | The Company

Gagosian, Roma

The Company
September 19, 2019–January 4, 2020

Gagosian is pleased to present The Company, new sculptures and drawings by Huma Bhabha. This is her first exhibition in Rome.

In expressive drawings on photographs as well as figurative sculptures carved from cork and Styrofoam, assembled from refuse and clay, or cast in bronze, Bhabha probes the tensions between time, memory, and displacement. References to science-fiction, archeological ruins, Roman antiquities, and postwar abstraction combine as she transforms the human figure into grimacing totems that are both unsettling and darkly humorous.

17 July 2019
Artissima 2019. Ventiseiesima edizione
29 July 2019
Pinacoteca Agnelli | Hokusai Hiroshige Hasui