Gagosian | Y. Z. Kami: Night Paintings

Gagosian, Roma

Y. Z. Kami: Night Paintings

18 January – 21 March, 2020

Gagosian is pleased to present Night Paintings, an exhibition of new works by Y.Z. Kami. This is his first solo exhibition in Italy, following his participation in The Spark Is You, a group exhibition organized by the Parasol unit foundation for contemporary art, London, in conjunction with the 58th Biennale di Venezia this year.

Kami’s tenebrous Night Paintings (2017–) are composed largely from a single shade of indigo—said to be the color of the night—mixed with various gradations of white. Each canvas in this new series is filled with blue-whitish apparitions that float just past the limits of materiality and concrete representation. These outlines shift between seemingly solid, liquid, and gaseous states—an osseous structure melts into a milky swirl, which in turn evaporates into a coil of smoke—yet their true forms and references ultimately remain veiled beneath hazy brushwork.

5 December 2019
Palazzo Reale, Milan | EMILIO VEDOVA
11 January 2020
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