VIASATERNA | Cristóbal Gracia. Lucciole nella terza natura


Lucciole nella terza natura

Solo show by Cristóbal Gracia 

opening date postponed – to be defined

Viasaterna presents Lucciole nella terza natura, the first solo show of Cristóbal Gracia (Città del Messico, 1987) in Italy, in collaboration with Bikini Art Residency. The exhibition includes a series of pieces produced during the period of the residency, involving multiple media such as sculpture, drawing, and photography, where the Mexican artist reflected on the paradigms of western dominant culture, its massification, and on Art’s active questioning role.

Immersed in Lake Como as a physical and cultural background, the artist has engaged with the imaginaries projected onto this idyllic landscape; a scenery that acts as a convergence for neo-classic nostalgias and contemporary mythologies. In this context, the artist recognized the idea of terza natura as a constant presence from the renaissance to present, best represented by mannerist grottos, concrete statues and decorative constructions found within landscapes, gardens, and villas. From these elements, Gracia establishes a discourse on the possibilities of reforming the sensible and the symbolic, questioning the morphology of culture and the configurations of its power.

20 December 2019
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17 March 2020
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