Moving tales – Racconti in movimento. Opere video dalla Collezione La Gaia

Complesso Monumentale di San Francesco, Cuneo
Curated by Eva Brioschi. The La Gaia Collection opens to the public by offering a wide selection of artist films chosen by the curator Eva Brioschi for the spaces of the former church in the Monumental Complex of San Francesco, in the heart of the city of Cuneo. Moving tales – Racconti in movimento is a collective that brings together thirty Italian and foreign artists of different generations – including names of the caliber of Marina Abramovic, Regina José Galindo, Ana Mendieta, Bill Viola, Rä Di Martino, Ion Grigorescu, Adrian Paci and Alfredo Jaar – accumulated from having used the video as a narrative tool for images.
14 August 2016
“Panorama” di Francesco Jodice
12 September 2016
Cuba. Tatuare la storia