“Ri-creazioni” di Mario Cresci

CAMERA – Centro Italiano per la Fotografia, Torino
Born in collaboration with the Eni Photographic Archive, Ri-creazioni is a project that reinterprets, recreates and reinvents the materials of the Archive through the gaze and sensitivity of the photographer Mario Cresci.

The exhibition has proposed a path of deepening to the inside the photographer’s complex creative universe, among his techniques, his intuitions and his inventions. The images of the Eni Archive, taken with scientific and documentary intent, become works of art thanks to the intervention of the Ligurian photographer, creating a regenerating creative short circuit between the intentions of the original authors and the work of Cresci.

17 September 2016
“The Differend” di Odili Donald Odita
23 October 2016
Ho visto un Re