Artcurial was founded in 2002, just at the time the French auction market was opening up to competition, and quickly became the leading French auction house.  Since then the firm has continually innovated, covering all the fields of collecting with its specialties: fine arts, decorative arts, collectible cars, jewelery, watches, fine wines and spirits. With a great international propensity, Artcurial affirms its proximity to the public with representative offices in Brussels, Milan, Monte Carlo, Monaco and Vienna, but also in Beijing and Tel Aviv, also organizing biennial exhibitions in New York. Emilie Volka directs the Italian branch of Artcurial which in 2016 reaches its fifth anniversary. The aim of the presence in Italy is to offer preview exhibitions of the Paris auctions, to promote free Expertise days and to create moments of insights, with meetings and conferences open to the public.

16 July 2017
Pinacoteca Agnelli