MAN – Museo d’Arte della Provincia di Nuoro

Founded in 1999, inside a building of the 1920s, the MAN – Art Museum of the Province of Nuoro is today a permanent public institution devoted to the study, conservation and promotion of modern and contemporary art.

In 2004 MAN acquired managerial autonomy by joining AMACI, the Association of Italian Contemporary Art Museums and in 2013 it obtained regional recognition as a museum of excellence.

The MAN collection is the result of a careful selection of works by Sardinian artists from the late nineteenth century to the present day, among which the names of Costantino Nivola, Mauro Manca and Maria Lai stand out and also includes a significant collection of drawings and ceramics.

There are many cultural objectives of the museum which focuses on the promotion of both temporary exhibitions and the idea of an “open museum” aimed at the investigation, research and dialogue between memory and innovation.

16 July 2017
Pinacoteca Agnelli