Kounellis e il teatro

Galleria Fumagalli, Milano
Curated by Annamaria Maggi and Alexandra Papadopulos. For the twentieth anniversary of the death of Heiner Müller, the artist Jannis Kounellis and the director Theodoros Terzopoulos, both friends and collaborators of the German playwright and poet, worked together on a theatrical project to pay tribute to him: Jannis Kounnellis, Theodoros Terzopoulos. Die Hamletmaschine by Heiner Müller. The Fumagalli Gallery proposes part of the installation designed by Jannis Kounellis for the Piccolo Teatro d’Italia in Milan (held on December 28, 2015) welcoming the unpublished projection of the video of the performance.
18 December 2016
The Perfect Tannery
22 December 2016
Bittersweet Symphony