“Sursum corda” di Maria Elisabetta Novello

Galleria Fumagalli, Milano

Until Thursday 16 February 2017

The Fumagalli Gallery presents Sursum corda, a personal exhibition and action by Maria Elisabetta Novello, with the collaboration of the dancers Roberto Cocconi and Luca Zampar. Sursum corda is a project that stems from the interest in border spaces (borders, thresholds and limits) and the ambivalence that these presuppose in marking a passage. There is always a relationship with what is on the other side, a meeting point but also a point of detachment that divides and unites at the same time.

Maria Elisabetta Novello wants to open the boundaries of her inner world, starting from the awareness of being and the fundamental actions that keep her alive: the breath, the heartbeat and emotions. Sursum corda opened on Thursday 19 January with an action in collaboration with the dancers Roberto Cocconi and Luca Zampar, which was repeated on Friday 20 and Saturday 21 January. The action video is projected in the gallery spaces, a storage and return container, also welcoming the documentation material of the project, the process and the action.

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