“Controcuore” di Mario Milizia


Until Friday 17 March 2017

Mario Milizia’s first solo show in the spaces of the VIASATERNA gallery, Controcuore is the result of the combination of works created with different techniques and at different times, following the modus operandi of an artist that is both inclusive and disruptive, eclectic and specific. The exhibition consists of seven tapestries on which the verses of some Militia poems written in 1992 and recently translated into Latin and the languages of its ancestral origins (Greek, Spanish and Portuguese) are woven to reinvent its meaning. The exhibition is completed by twenty-five paintings small in size and two sculptures. The exhibition thus arises from a logic of accumulation, collection, aggregation and coagulation: everything refers to a condition of constant instability, a source of inevitable anxiety, but also of an organic excitement towards the unknown and discovery.

11 January 2017
“Sursum corda” di Maria Elisabetta Novello
14 January 2017
Nicolas Party in the Garden Room