M77 Gallery | Planetarium

M77 Gallery, Milano

Open to the public: until Thursday 27 July 2017

M77 Gallery is pleased to present Planetarium, the new project by the artist Flavio de Marco (Lecce, 1975). De Marco, always sensitive to the theme of the representation of space, promotes a new investigation into pictorial language starting from the extraterrestrial landscape, finally arriving at a representation of reality in which figurative painting mixes with abstract elements. The project is generated starting from the chromatic register belonging to the seven planets of the solar system (excluding the Earth, investigated in the previous “Stella” project): the protagonists are Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.

With “Planetarium” Flavio de Marco delves into the unexplored extraterrestrial, and then reappears in the dimension of the unknown home: the planets represent the starting point of a journey that leads the artist from the sidereal space to his daily life, placing alien landscapes alongside monochrome still lifes from his atelier to finally explore his own body and that of others with a series of portraits made through a reinterpretation of famous self-portraits of artists of the past, from Titian to Malevich.

14 January 2017
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