Fasi Lunari

Fondazione Carriero, Milano

Phases of the Moon collects the works of the artist Albert Oehlen (Krefeld, 1954) and six young artists, his alumni, Peppi Bottrop, Andreas Breunig, Max Frintrop, Fabian Ginsberg, Yuji Nagai and David Ostrowski, and is curated by Francesco Stocchi with Albert Oehlen himself. With the presentation of 23 works, including a work specially conceived by Oehlen for the space of Casa Parravicini, the exhibition explores the distinctive features of the German artist’s painting, superimposing it on the works of his students. Phases of the Moon is a recognition of the state of painting today in all its forms and stages a sort of fairy tale, the result and the overcoming of the relationship between disciple-teacher, pupil-professor; the title itself tells the continuous evolution of the exhibition, the variety of chiaroscuro born from the comparison between the works is also obtained through the installation, thanks to the critical interpretation of the space.

Carriero Kids Foundation, the project of the Carriero Foundation that accompanies young people to discover contemporary art, offers a cycle of free appointments reserved for young visitors, focused on the themes of the exhibition. Aimed at children between 6 and 11 years of age – younger if accompanied by their parents – and lasting about 90 minutes, the workshops guide young people on a “tailor-made” visit for them, with an invitation to discuss directly with the works, starting from the materials and the color: a useful introduction to get closer to the themes faced by the seven artists, and then to make them their own through the practical and creative activity in the laboratory.

20 January 2017
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7 March 2017
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