Fondazione delle Arti | Venezia

Palazzetto Pisani, Venezia

The Foundation of Arts was born in Venice Venice, cultural foundation that supports and promotes high quality Venetian cultural events, linked to the preservation of the identity of the city, its artistic and historical heritage and the quality of its cultural offer.

Founded by cultural operators and experienced members, the Foundation of the Arts is led by Olivier Lexa, President and Artistic Director, with Viola Romoli, Artistic Co-director, under the supervision of an international advisory committee, made up of prominent personalities of culture and entrepreneurship, led by President Alice Tibaldi Chiesa.

With the aim of giving an effective response to the founding principles of the Foundation of the Arts, in parallel with the communication program, the Club of the Arts was born with the support of the Foundation, an international club that offers and selects cultural events to host and accompany members to the center of the life of the Serenissima, to discover the soul of Venice.

7 March 2017
Fuori Salone 2017 | Robot City presenta White Slave
16 July 2017
Gagosian | Davide Balula | Iron Levels