Selvatica | Arte e Natura in Festival

Curated by Alessandra Redaelli and Fabrizio Lava

Open to the public: from 6 May to 2 July 2017

The Cassa di Risparmio di Biella Foundation presents , from Saturday 6 May to Sunday 2 July 2017, the sixth edition of Selvatica. Art and Nature in festival, the event that combines Nature and Culture to tell the beauty of the planet through the visual arts.

Wild. Art and Nature in Festival – curated by Alessandra Redaelli for the artistic part and Fabrizio Lava for the photographic part – will animate the city of Biella and the Biella area. The beating heart of the initiative will focus around the headquarters of Palazzo Gromo Losa, Palazzo Ferrero and the Museo del Territorio Biellese and will also involve the Zegna Oasis where it will be possible to live an outdoor naturalistic experience.

7 March 2017
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16 July 2017
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