Gagosian | Davide Balula | Iron Levels

Gagosian, Roma

September 21–December 2, 2017

Gagosian is pleased to present Iron Levels, new works by Davide Balula. This is his first exhibition in Rome.

At once surreal, comical, and critically engaged, Balula’s works examine the intersection of philosophy, phenomenology, and physics. For the Rome gallery, he has created an experiential trajectory that responds directly and specifically to the architecture. On entering the exhibition, visitors pass through a sculptural metal detector. A ubiquitous instrument of search and verification, the metal detector makes private belongings into objects of suspicion or potential threat. Its purpose is to reveal the metal, non-bodily material we carry with us each day—keys, coins, cell phone—that which we habitually treat as extensions of the self. The metal detector functions as a portal, further separating the idealized space of the gallery from the world outside.


16 March 2017
Codice di Avviamento Fantastico
20 September 2017
M77 Gallery | A proposito di Maria Lai