Gagosian | Andreas Gursky | Bangkok

Gagosian, Roma

OPEN TO THE PUBLIC 24 January to 2018 to Friday 16 March 2018

The exhibition presents for the first time in Milan the latest project by Barbara De Ponti Clay Time Code, and a series of works by the German artist Jens Risch created between 2011 and 2016. The two artists, close by generation and artistic practice are the protagonists of an unprecedented dialogue created starting from the recognition of the same feeling that underlies the respective researches, characterized by extreme rigor and coherence of method. As the title suggests, Forma Mentis is an exhibition that gravitates around the central theme of Form, on the one hand understood as the principle inherent in the matter itself from which it is created, and on the other as a mental structure. The form, in fact, guides the gesture of both artists, driven by the desire to achieve a synthesis as perfect as possible between content and representation, between the concept behind the work and its concretization.

10 October 2017
Galleria Borghese | BERNINI
16 December 2017
Galleria Fumagalli | Giulio Paolini | Teoria delle apparenze