PAC | DA ZERO | Riscatti Onlus

PAC, Milano

Curated by RISCATTI Onlus

Open to the public: 09 March 2018 – 18 March 2018

After working with homeless people , immigrants and pediatric oncology patients of the Cancer Institute of Milan, the Milanese voluntary association RISCATTI – which since 2014 has been dealing with the social redemption of those who are going through a difficult phase in their lives – has chosen to support the children of Amatrice who have lost their homes, their affections and also the Youth Center, an aggregation point razed to the ground by the earthquake.

14 are attending photography and photojournalism lessons at Amatrice, followed by a competition to elect the best “photojournalist” from among them. All will indiscriminately participate in a large exhibition at the PAC. The funds raised through the sale of the shots taken by the boys will be donated entirely to a project for young people, chosen by the protagonists of the exhibition themselves.

10 October 2017
Galleria Borghese | BERNINI
16 December 2017
Galleria Fumagalli | Giulio Paolini | Teoria delle apparenze