PAC | Il territorio dell’architettura. Gregotti e Associati 1953_2017

PAC, Milano

r at 12:00

Opening on Tuesday 19 December at 19:00

Open to the public Until Sunday 11 February 2018

[ By Guido Morpurgo. Preparation: Studio Cerri & Associati. Sorting: Sergio Butti

On the occasion of Vittorio Gregotti’s ninety years, the PAC celebrates the great Italian architect with an anthological exhibition, recounting his extensive activity and that of his studio, in over sixty years of projects in Italy and abroad.

The exhibition inaugurates a new programming line with which the PAC, during the winter, will celebrate the great Italian masters of architecture and design, placing their work in relation to the Pavilion as an exemplary monument of our modernism. From 1953 until today Vittorio Gregotti has shared his studio with different personalities including Lodovico Meneghetti and Giotto Stoppino, Pierluigi Cerri, Pierluigi Nicolin, Hiromichi Matsui, Bruno Viganò, Carlo Magnani, Augusto Cagnardi and Michele Reginaldi as well as external Partners such as Manuel Salgado and Saad Benkirane, the Associates and a large group of collaborators.

His activity represents a sort of unicum in European architecture, characterized by a methodological unity and an integral commitment in all the scales of the project: architecture, urban design, interiors and museum installations, furnishings and industrial product, graphics and publishing.

The title of the exhibition, taken from the title of one of his namesake book, establishes an ideal continuity and a form of mirroring with the territory of architecture as a meeting surface between contributions from other experiences and disciplines.

10 October 2017
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16 December 2017
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