BRANDINA | Oliviero Toscani e Marco Morosini presentano “Il Futuro siamo noi”

The new advertising campaign created by Oliviero Toscani for Brandina, a company born in 2005 from an idea of ​​the designer Marco Morosini, was presented. Brandina The Original is the line of bags and accessories made in Italy made with the fabric of beach beds. Brandina combines the tradition of the 1960s seaside design of the Italian Riviera with innovation and contemporary taste, creating a transversal, fun and quality product, also capable of telling a way of life. Brandina’s commitment
it continues beyond the creation of product lines and numerous are the initiatives that the company puts in place every year to build aggregation and sociability around “ancient” and solid values, capable of welcoming the changes of contemporary society.
Precisely from this way of understanding and interpreting the ‘doing business’ of Brandina and its founder, the campaign created by Oliviero Toscani starts, which for Brandina addresses a difficult and topical issue. Through the objective of Oliviero Toscani the migratory phenomenon is proposed in its value as an open opportunity, acquiring a positive dimension of renewal, of the contribution of ideas, energies and creativity, as in the end the encounters and crossings of cultures are always: “The future we are”. History proves it: it is the peoples who still have the need and the courage to move, even at the cost of enormous sacrifices, to bring the future with them. “The future is us” is also a warning and an invitation to become aware that we are always the architects of our destiny and that it is up to us to choose and determine our approach to life, with enthusiasm and energy.
Oliviero Toscani’s campaign for Brandina will be on air for summer 2018.

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