Reverie | “C.U.M.” Confessione Unica Memoria

Vinci, sul colle di Ceoli

Wednesday 11 July 2018
From sunrise to sunset

The young Tuscan performer Reverie presents “C.U.M.”, Confessione Unica Memoria, on a hill near Vinci in Ceoli. From dawn to dusk, an ancient confessional will welcome the artist’s fellow citizens and anyone who wants to be part of this experience.

Reverie invites people to leave not so much a confession but rather to participate in an action with a common goal: to collect fragments of consciousness and memory to bring about a new dialogue.

The “confessional of Ceoli” wants to be an individual conversation between the artist and the spectator, touching on non-religious themes, but exclusively civil, everyday, of personal and common experiences, of one’s own experience also in relation to that place.

28 May 2018
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