Galleria Fumagalli | Keith Sonnier | Light Works, 1968 to 2017

Galleria Fumagalli, Milano

From 28 September to 19 December 2018

Galleria Fumagalli is pleased to announce the first solo exhibition of the American artist Keith Sonnier, which the gallery has represented exclusively in Italy since February 2018.

The exhibition documents the evolution and creative process of the artist from the first historical works of 1968 to the most recent works.

Keith Sonnier is among the first and most significant representatives of a generation of artists who started a radical research path in sculpture. The exhibition “Keith Sonnier. Light Works, 1968 to 2017 “presents a selection of the artist’s iconic sculptures made in various periods of his career, from the early series of the late 60s such as Lit Circle Series (1968), Neon Wrapping Incandescent Series (1970) and Sel Series (1978-2003), up to the most recent ones, including Chandelier Series (2006-), Portal Series (2015) and Floating Grid Series (2017). Keith Sonnier uses neon glass tubes to create spatial dimensions by intertwining lines, arches and curves of light and color that interact with the surrounding architecture.

16 June 2018
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