MAN di Nuoro | The new exhibition season curated by Luigi Fassi

from Friday 9 November 2018 to Sunday 3 March 2019

Three new exhibitions:

Sabir | Dor Guez
Overseas dream | Francois Xavier Gbrè
O Youth and Beauty! | Anna Bjerger, Louis Fratino, Waldemar Zimbelmann

Nuoro- via Sebastiano Satta 27 – 08100 Nuoro

curated by Luigi Fassi

The MAN Museum of Art Province of Nuoro presents, from Friday 9 November 2018 to Sunday 3 March 2019, the new exhibition season, curated by Luigi Fassi who has led the institution since last March.
The calendar includes three different exhibition projects, autonomous but conceived as a unicum in the construction of a multi-voiced dialogue that has at its center the Mediterranean and the urgent issues of contemporary artistic research: “Sabir” the first solo exhibition in Italy of the Israeli artist Dor Guez, “Overseas Dream”, the first Italian solo show by François- Xavier Gbré, “O Youth and Beauty!” the collective of the artists Anna Bjerger, Louis Fratino, Waldemar Zimbelmann.

Through the different stylistic renditions and the different languages ​​proposed, the three exhibitions testify to the artists’ need to carry out a survey on their cultural identity with a look at the past and the other at the future and progress, in an open confrontation with the spectators.

Among the works presented, some have been specially commissioned by the Museum. Furthermore, the personal of François-Xavier Gbré was born from a residency project: it emerges that in direct dialogue with the artists and other institutions, the MAN Museum increasingly proposes itself as a leading interlocutor for the promotion and development of the arts of the our time.

16 June 2018
Fondazione CRC | Michele Pellegrino. Una parabola fotografica.
20 September 2018
Artissima – Internazionale d’Arte Contemporanea di Torino