Viasaterna | Teresa Giannico, Kaleidos

Via Leopardi, 32

From Tuesday 22 January to Friday 8 March 2019

Viasaterna presents Kaleidos, Teresa Giannico’s (Bari, 1985) first solo show .

The exhibition, through the exhibition of two unpublished projects, tells of real interiors, intimate spaces and suspended worlds which, as in the game of the same name, present sedimentations of objects of different nature. Lay Out and Ricerca8 are two corpus of works created with different techniques such as photography, drawing and sculpture, which characterize their perceptual ambiguity.

Teresa Giannico has been appropriating and storing images of objects belonging to our daily life for years, which are then mounted on a rigid support and composed to form a small-scale diorama.

A reconstructed micro-world that the artist photographs and then eliminates, but of which traces remain in the only final image where the diorama is the photographed subject.

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