M77 Gallery | Velasco Vitali | Veduta

curated by Danilo Eccher

From March 5, 2019 to May 25, 2019

M77 Gallery presents Veduta, new solo exhibition by the artist Velasco Vitali (Bellano, 1960) curated by Danilo Eccher. The exhibition, developed on both floors of the gallery, is conceived as a single large exhibition project and is a tribute to the city of Milan and the history that intertwines the places dear to the artist.

In this exhibition we find the typical themes of Velasco Vitali’s iconography, the reassuring natural perspectives so dear to him and the representations of the cities. Here the spiers of the cathedral of Milan strongly recall the rocky and fragmented profiles of the mountains, bringing together the works of the two floors of the exhibition in an ideal unitary discourse.

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