Il Museo MAN di Nuoro presenta la mostra “Miroslaw Balka, Sweets of Sin – Le dolcezze del peccato”

Gavoi, Museo del Fiore Sardo

As part of the Prelude of the Gavoi Island of Stories Literary Festival

Museo MAN in Nuoro presents the exhibition

Miroslaw Balka

Sweets of Sin 

curated by Luigi Fassi

16 June – 7 July 2019


Museo del Fiore Sardo, Gavoi (NU)
Via Margherita 9

The MAN Museum in Nuoro is pleased to present the exhibition Sweets of Sin – The sweetness of sin by the Polish artist Miroslaw Balka (1958), curated by Luigi Fassi, hosted at the Museo del Fiore Sardo in Gavoi from Sunday 16 June to Sunday 7 July 2019, as part of the Prelude of the Literary Festival Isola delle Storie di Gavoi.

The exhibition project revolves around the sculptural work 250 x 280 x 120 (Sweets of Sin), created by Balka in 2004 as a tribute to James Joyce and his famous work Ulysses, conceived as a paradoxical and humorous reflection on human existence.

Among the best known figures on the international art scene, Miroslaw Balka places historical and social issues at the center of his work in relation to collective memory, with particular attention to European affairs and autobiographical events. His works investigate the role of the human figure through sculptures created with common materials that evoke its presence in symbolic form, representing rooms, fountains, beds and seats.

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