ICA Milano | Istituto Contemporaneo per le Arti

ICA Milano presenta

curated by Alberto Salvadori

12 October – 10 November 2019

ICA Milano – Istituto Contemporaneo per le Arti continues its programme with a new project, the solo exhibition of Masbedo, artistic duo formed by Nicolò Massazza (1973) and Iacopo Bedogni (1970).

The focus of the project is a reflection on the past and present history of Sicily, which has always been both everyone’s and no man’s land, mitopoietic place par excellence. The exhibition gathers pre-existent works, re-editions and new artworks, all originated in Sicilian lands and related to their social and cultural complexity. Elements of Sicily’s history blend with each other, like the story of the production house Panaria Film and the testimony of Palermo’s mayor Leoluca Orlando, famous references to the cinematography of Vittorio De Seta, Ugo Gregoretti, Francesco Rosi and Luchino Visconti and the issues related to the Tamil community of Palermo.

The exhibition also becomes the occasion to present the artists’ most cherished themes: cinema’s history and its relationship to performance, the image as a tool for reflection and memory’s divulgation, the importance of cultural actions and, at the same time, its performative dimension.


29 July 2019
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