Casa degli Artisti

Casa degli Artisti was born in 1909 on the initiative of the Bogani brothers, patrons of the arts, to host workshops and ateliers. Since the early years he has seen an intense attendance by artists of various disciplines. At the end of the Seventies, the presence of internationally renowned artists such as Luciano Fabro, Hidetoshi Nagasawa and the art critic and historian Jole De Sanna gave new artistic impetus, with group exhibitions dedicated to young emerging artists, relationships with other non-profit spaces of the city and the restoration of “The mysterious baths” by Giorgio De Chirico in 1994.

After a public call from Milan City Hall 1 in 2018, Casa degli Artisti reopens in February 2020, 110 years after its birth, to confirm its nature as a public service, precious for the city and the artistic world and to create a center for residence, production and fruition open to the city. The ATS awarded is composed by the associations THAT’S CONTEMPORARY, Atelier Spazio XPO ‘, NIC Nuove Culturali  under the leadership of ZONA Kand and the social enterprise Centro Itard Lombardia, as partner. Five realities that met on the basis of a common vision and created a working group capable of intertwining resources, skills and connections, a working group made up of artists, cultural managers, trainers, architects, gallery owners, citizens, 11 people with specific knowledge of the city, Italian and international cultural landscape: Valentina Kastlunger and Valentina Picariello from ZONA K, Giulia Restifo from THAT’S CONTEMPORARY, Christian Gancitano from Atelier Spazio XPO ‘, Matteo Bianchi, Mattia Bosco, Mariavera Chiari, Francesco Piccolomini, Lorenzo Vatalaro of NIC, Susanna Ravelli of Centro Itard Lombardia and Lorenzo Castellini of Future Fond who contributed from the outset to the design of the management project.

Casa degli Artisti is a place for encounter, reflection and creation with an interdisciplinary and international outlook that wants to place study and work at the center of its activity, supporting the practice of artists in the field of visual, performative, sound, digital, applied arts , of cinema, photography, literature and thought. A place to promote research, training and production; to develop the personal and choral dimension of work; to produce cultural projects aimed at the widest possible audience.
A place that works on the public sphere and urban space, thanks also to the exchange between the various payers involved. The cornerstone of the House’s activity is the hospitality of the artists in residence.
The residency program, without age and nationality restrictions, offers artists: workspaces, production, technical and organizational support for the development and realization of projects; provides artists with a network of artisans, companies, institutions, collectors; promotes their work through studio visits, personal and collective exhibitions, performative events, talks, editions.
The program can be accessed by invitation and through open call for a period that can vary from 3 to 12 months, depending on the project needs. This dual method of access expresses the will to foster intergenerational comparison between the artists.

16 July 2017
Pinacoteca Agnelli