Fondazione Merz | Marzia Migliora | Voce del verbo avere

Fondazione Merz, Torino

a cura di Valentina Bruschi e Beatrice Merz

Part of the program Punte brillanti di luce

Palermo – ex Monte dei Pegni S. Rosalia, Palazzo Branciforte, Fondazione Sicilia

September 8 2018 – November 4 2018

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From Saturday 8 September 2018 to Sunday 4 November 2018 the Merz Foundation in collaboration with the Sicily Foundation presents Voice of the verb to have, a personal exhibition by the artist Marzia Migliorà (Alessandria, 1972) set up in the space of the ex-Monte dei Pegni, called “Monte di Santa Rosalia” at the Palazzo Branciforte, headquarters of the Sicily Foundation.

The exhibition, curated by Valentina Bruschi and Beatrice Merz, is part of Brilliant Spears of Spears, a program of exhibitions and events launched in 2017 by the Merz Foundation for the City of Palermo.

Marzia Improve’s project starts from the strong suggestions returned to her by the former Monte dei Pegni, creating a connection with the present starting from the historical memory of the place, to trigger a political and social reflection on the current condition of man. Also called Monte dei Panni, the Monte di Pietà deposit winds its way through an intricate labyrinth of rooms with full-height wooden structures, made up of shelves where the goods were housed. For about two centuries people in a state of poverty have deposited gifts, kits and personal items in exchange for a few coins, and then tried to return to redeem them.

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