ICA Milano | Simone Forti. Close to the Heart

ICA Milano | Istituto Contemporaneo per le Arti

ICA Milano presents


Vicino al Cuore / Close to the Heart

curated by Chiara Nuzzi e Alberto Salvadori

29 November 2019 – 2 February 2020


ICA Milano – Istituto Contemporaneo per le Arti presents Vicino al Cuore / Close to the Heart, the first solo show dedicated to Simone Forti by an Italian institution. Forti (Florence, 1935) is an Italian-American choreographer, dancer and visual artist. The exhibition will draw the attention of critics and of the public to the poetics of Simone Forti, who has been a key figure for the development of performance art from the end of the ‘50s to the present.

The most significant phases of Simone Forti’s artistic research from the ‘60s to the present are contextualised in the exhibition, through a selection of historical pieces and previously unseen works—including drawings, watercolors, installations, video-documentations and performances—closely related to the artist’s biography.

Forti’s tireless artistic research crosses the boundaries of performance itself, thanks to a practice in continuous dialogue with improvisation and experimentation. An approach that well represents the ethical, philosophical and intellectual reflection proposed by ICA Milano in connection to the theme of “the living”, the guiding thread of the institution whole program under the artistic direction of Alberto Salvadori.


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